Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth Whitening Options

It’s important you get your teeth and gums checked for disease by a dentist before undergoing any teeth whitening procedure. The dental assessment will both confirm your suitability for teeth whitening and the best treatment option for you.

Where a patient’s teeth are deemed suitable for teeth whitening, our dental surgery offers customised options.

In-chair teeth whitening is not suitable for all patients hence a dental check-up is always the first step. If in-chair teeth whitening is deemed suitable for you, the appropriate treatment package is agreed with the dentist. Our dental surgery offers different options, taking into account factors such as patient age.

Where a supervised take-home whitening treatment is deemed suitable for the patient, a customised treatment package is arranged with the dentist.

An important part of any teeth whitening process is well-fitting teeth trays in order to apply the whitening agent. We offer the construction of customised teeth bleaching trays as part of your package.

Some cosmetic treatments may be claimable through your health fund. We recommend you speak to your health fund prior to commencing your treatment in order to confirm your rebate eligibility.

You can call our helpful staff on (03) 5134 1311 to book an appointment for your dental assessment.

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