General Dental Services

General Dental Services

In today’s world, most patients are aware of the value of an attractive smile. We offer a number of solutions to help meet the cosmetic needs of our patients as well as the General Services.


Prevention is the cornerstone of modern dental practice. It stands to reason that preventing disease is always more desirable than being forced to treat it invasively. To this end, simple procedures such as fissure sealants and fluoride applications (to prevent decay), and regular professional cleaning (to minimise gum problems) form a large part of our daily routine. We advocate patient examinations every 6 months.


Many gum conditions are reversible if intervention occurs sooner rather than later. We advise our patients to have a scale & clean every six months. Some patients that have more advanced gum problems may require treatment that is focused below the gum line and hence will need to be reviewed more regularly. We instruct patients on good oral hygiene practices. What you do for yourself on a daily basis is more important than what any clinician can do for you every so often.

gum problems


Bruxism, or tooth grinding, is a common clinical finding. Left untreated, over time patients will experience progressive tooth wear that leads to sensitivity, fracture and poor aesthetics. Many patients that brux also experience muscular symptoms and joint pain. We routinely construct splints to manage bruxism. This is a custom made removable appliance (usually made for the top jaw) made of a special composite resin designed for withstanding biting stress. Patients wear the splint during sleep when the effects of bruxism are most damaging



When required, we are able to restore teeth that have either been decayed, broken or suffered the loss of an old filling. There are a number of different materials we can use to restore teeth, depending on the cavity. These days we mainly place tooth coloured fillings provided there is enough good quality tooth to bond to.


When a tooth is too far gone to save, the tooth is extracted (pulled out). We perform all types of extractions, including the removal of mildly impacted wisdom teeth.