Pregnancy and Dental Health

Pregnancy and Dental Health

If you are pregnant you’re probably unsure that changes occur in the mouth during the course of your pregnancy. The most obvious change tends to be in the state of the gums – more inflammation and bleeding is usually noted. This has been related to changes in certain hormonal profiles. Thorough daily oral hygiene is essential during this time.

There is also a natural tendency to snack more often during this time. While this is understandable, it also puts you at greater risk of developing tooth decay if you are consuming food or drink that contains sugar. Being aware of the amount of snacking, and placing emphasis on more protein or fat based foods may greatly reduce your risk of developing decay.

For those females that suffer morning sickness and issues with reflux, minimising the effects of stomach acid on the teeth is key. A simple way to negate the effects of acid is to rinse with a solution of water and bi carb soda as soon as you experience any nausea that brings acid into the mouth.

Of course, having regular dental visits focused on prevention is also vital.  

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